Why study Instrumental Music at the Rabindra Bharati University?

Programmes at the Department of Instrumental Music

Dr Debasish Mondal,  Professor and Head explains….

If you have love for Indian Music and some understanding of playing one of the Indian musical instruments in-list then you have hit the right page. The department offers teaching in sitar, sarod, violin, flute and esraj under the ‘Tata-Sushir Wing’.  In the other wing, known as ‘Avanaddha Wing’. There the students get exposed to three membrane percussions, namely, tabla, pakhawaj and shreekhol.   The programs also expose the students to the ‘World Music’. The reason of including World Music in the curriculum is to connect the students with world of musical creations in some way. This helps the students to start working more comfortably under the global scene.

At the advanced level the study of computer for musical applications, like sound editing, musical score writing, primary acoustic analysis and the likes are included. These courses help the students to be more adaptable to the Music Industry and also help in Music Research.

Here the students find a space where they get exposed to learning of music in a wider perspective and get ready for their future musical endeavors.

Dr. Debasish Mandal

 Prof. (Dr.) Debasish Mandal

Teaching Facilities

The curriculum emphasizes actual executions of the provided information.  Sixty percent of the syllabus is practical courses. The idea is to assist the students to be able to perform rather than only being fed with information.

This department of Rabindra Bharati University has internationally renowned teachers to give the students the best.  The department has a nice library where the students can go through books, journals and listen to audio records in the reading room. They may take books on loan from the Faculty and Central Libraries. They may also access huge online e-resources for their academic purposes. We offer listening sessions, use audio-visual support in teaching as and when required. The students will find learning here an interesting experience.

Department provides additional support to weaker students by arranging special tutorials. As a routine the new students receive a week -long intensive performance workshop.  This helps to develop some quick orientation of the required performance abilities under different programs. This is also an identifying process to plan the special classes for weaker and exceptionally good students. The department is planning to launch a project to open up a kind of country-wide performance space for the outstanding students.

Careers/Graduate Destinations

Rabindra Bharati University graduates in Music may choose many professions. Teaching, performance and arts administration are among  some of the common destinations, but others include broadcasting, publishing, and the civil service. Many graduates choose to go on to postgraduate study.

Post Graduate students often find opportunities in teaching in educational institutions ranging from school level to universities. Some of them find their space in music performances. With the opening of global music exchanges the opportunities in music market has grown substantially. A number of them choose to go for M.Phil. programme as this prepares a good ground for future researches under Ph.D. programme.


Last updated on 16 September, 2016


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